We offer Simple to Complex DAMs

MediaBank - your image- and materialbank in the cloud

License based Cumulus image- and materialbank

CollectionPro - solution for managing museums' collections

The MagNet e-Publishing service lets you create online FlipBooks

BrandMaster MRM - marketing services from the brands own materialbank

binuscan – AI and machine learning based print production quality control

We simplify your use and distribution of content

No matter the size of your DAM (Digital Asset Management) service, it has incredible power in a simple interface configured to your needs. What we do with MediaBank DAM is to make it easy for groups to capture, organize and share all the information that matters.

Customers use MediaBank portals to provide easy self-service access to imagery for retailers and distributors worldwide, virtually eliminating image requests.

Fast, precise searching using any web browser (mobile friendly) allows users express access to everything from virtually anywhere. Scroll through hundreds or thousands of items with no waiting. Regardless of the size of your collection, you will quickly find exactly what you’re looking for.

Other systems have too many features, structures and requirements. Communication Pro makes it easy to build and customize DAM, and it is easy to use.

They chose Communication Pro

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Your Flexible, Easy-to-Use Content Hub

MediaBank Digital Asset Management (DAM) empowers marketers, creative teams, archivists and more to effectively organize and manage their digital files so teams can get their content to market faster. Aimed to make visual storytelling easier, MediaBank allows express access to digital assets from virtually anywhere.

You can use our digital asset management (DAM) software as a media and image database or to easily manage all kinds of files (called assets) from different sources – like videos, PDF files, photos, InDesign files and Office documents for quick reuse, editing, approval or distribution – in one central system.

You decide: Cloud, On-Premise or SaaS.

Who gets benefits using MediaBank?

CREATIVES Those who bring ideas to life

CONSUMERS Those using content in a dynamic and interactive way

CONTRIBUTORS The providers and suppliers of content

CURATORS The sorters and organizers of content

DAMs are used in various ways

The DAM marketplace is split between simple image repositories and services ready to serve as the prime content engine underneath the MarTech stack serving also cross departmental use of content internally and externally. Sign up and get running in your preconfigured SaaS or specify with us together the perfect solution for a you to need to save time.
DAMs are used in:

Brand Management

Marketing Asset Management


Enterprise Asset Management

Video & Audio Management

DAM is Not Just For Marketers

Although DAMs are now essential for marketing department needs, this is only one part of the DAM implementations. DAMs best practices continue to improve over time and the discipline is required to move forward into a more integrated, comprehensive whole.

DAMs are becoming integrated content hubs incorporating vast integrations and APIs and consumers are beginning to expect additions such as image/facial recognition, video speech-to-text and advanced security features.

Sophisticated enterprises are positioning their DAM system as the single source of truth for their media assets. DAMs becoming the foundational element of companies technology stack in 2020 as it is where the content is stored.

Metadata matters and DAMs AI tools are getting smarter

Metadata is data about data. Adding metadata to digital assets is the trick that makes the digital assets searchable, findable, reusable and potentially repurposable. In this respect, a DAM solution is only as good as its metadata.

Using AI and Computer Vision in tagging, a task that once took hours now takes minutes and helps in curating the content.

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